Hunters Hill poolWoodland Landscapes has a very simple philosophy; it is our sole intention to do good work, well.
With 20 years experience in the landscaping industry we have found that the same business ideals have come up time and time again, they are as follows;

Practical, Innovative Garden Design
Garden Design should be innovative, but not at the expense of practical living spaces. To enjoy the wonderful South Coast climate, good landscaping should enhance everyday life and living.

Maximizing the potential of a Garden Space
Hunters HillFrom the smallest garden courtyard to the large expanses of a landscaped rural retreat, the most important ideal is a sense of space. We must be drawn into the landscape by a desire to explore the space.

Client participation in all aspects of the Landscape Design process
By accessing your garden ideas we can expand our own landscaping philosophy. Working together we can achieve the best possible Landscape Design and Landscape Construction outcomes.

Quality Materials and Workmanship
We are dedicated to using the very best natural landscaping materials as they offer the best results. Matched with high quality Landscaping Workmanship the quality of the finished product is assured.

Working creatively within the constraints of a budget
All Garden Designs require a budget, and it is important that our designer works within your budget. Through experience and imagination we can deliver the best possible results within your financial constraints

Creative Garden Planting Ideas
Plants are the heart of any garden design, they must be chosen carefully and creatively. The planting is the finishing touch to your new Garden Design and most important to your future experience of the space.
These six ideals have become the cornerstone of our working philosophy and the basis of our continued successful involvement in the South Coast landscaping industry.